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Anprolene AN75, our new and improved EtO tabletop sterilizer .

Coming this fall.

Our Anprolene sterilizers have the most delicate 100% EtO sterilization cycle in the market, room temperature sterilization, no steam injection, no deep vacuum, and uses only 17.6 g of gas, all in a convenient tabletop cabinet.

Anprolene's proven reliability


Anprolene uses Ethylene Oxide sterilization, the  gold standard in low temperature sterilization because of its unparalleled gentleness and material compatibility.


Add that to our exclusive EO-FCT system, and you have  a winning combination in a sterilizer that has been adopted by over 5,000 facilities worldwide.


This is the most inexpensive and versatile low temperature sterilizer available!


Anprolene sterilizers now features a number of important improvements. They include: more powerful ventilation and purge pumps, unique active aeration system, digital display tracks cycle progress, temperature sensor monitors room conditions during each cycle, microprocessor monitors cycle and automatically restores system in case of power failure.



Unmatched Sterilization Compatibility


Anprolene's 100% EtOsystem sterilizes at room temperature without external vacuum lines or steam generator. Protects your most delicate instruments, electronics, drills, fiber optics, cameras, and plastic or rubber items... Most any item with the exception of food, drugs or liquids can be sterilized with Anprolene.




Our exclusive flexible chamber technology ensures that you get the most our of your sterilizer: maximum performance with the least amount of gas.


Select and monitor the sterilization cycle from an intuitive user interface.


The sterilization and aeration cycles occur and are monitored in the same cabinet.


Tabletop design requires only a 110V or 220V electrical outlet and a 1" exhaust line.


Optional abator available.



The Andersen Anprolene Key Operator Certification Program is available free of charge for the lifetime of your sterilizer.

Three models to choose from

Resources for existing Anprolene AN74 users



Anprolene Abator




Andersen provides free training for as many operators as required, for the lifetime of any of its sterilizers.




We have everything you need to compete a cycle.  Please refer to our Anprolene Accessories page for a comprehensive list.

AN87 Dosimeter


Time, temperature and EO concentration are essential to successful sterilization.  Dosimeter integrators present visual assurance that all these parameters have been fulfilled.  Dosimeters change color in proportion to the dose of sterilant they contact.  View results immediately after sterilization.  No laboratory culture is necessary.  Use one Dosimeter per cycle.  (Not a BI substitute).


AN1071 Humidichip®


Designed specifically for use with Andersen EOGas™ and Anprolene®, this unique device ensures adequate Relative Humidity (RH) during the sterilization cycle.  Each single use pre-moistened 2" x 2" Humidichip releases up to 4 grams of water vapor.  Employ Humidchip® with a Humiditube™ in each sterilization cycle.


2 size Sterilization Bags


The Anprolene system uses unique plastic sterilization liner bags and individual gas ampoules.  We offer two different bag/ampoule combinations to match the size of your sterilization load. You never use more gas than you have to.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long does it take to sterilize?

    Anprolene sterilizes in 12 or 24 hours depending on the load.




  • 2. Do you need water or steam heat lines?

        No.  Our tabletop unit only needs a 1 inch port to the outside.

  • 3. Is it difficult to install?

    No.  It is very easy and convenient to install and comes in a tabletop package.

  • 4. Is EtO corrosive on sensitive instruments?

    No, EtO is the most gentle and compatible sterilization method available.  Perfect for your most sensitive instruments.

  • 5. Is training included in the price?

    Yes, we offer training free of charge for the life of the sterilizer

  • 6. Will EtO be banned?

    No.  EtO is used in many different household products and has a similar chemical ratings as other products such as hydrogen peroxide.

  • 7. Is a large area needed to store an Anprolene sterilizer?

    No, all Anprolene model sterilizers are tabletop in size.

Andersen sterilizers are 100% US made. Proudly designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Haw River, North Carolina.

When all else fails, EtO succeeds

Why does Anprolene use EtO as a sterilant?


We have the sterilizer that meets your needs!


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