The Worth Drain is indicated in the management of subphrenic, subhepatic, pancreatic and pelvic abcesses, and abdominal fistulae. It may be helpful following abdomino-perineal resection, repair or perforated bowel, whipple resection and repair of lacerated liver.

Experience The Advantages of Silicon
Suppleness optimizes patient comfort; low tissue toxicity minimizes inflammation and scarring at the drain exit site; low adhesiveness to blood and fibrin decreases likelihood of clogging, and also reduces trauma due to drain-tissue adherence on extraction.

Irrigation Lumen
Luer-lock injection port with self sealing latex cap allows syringe access, elimineates need to open drainage system for irrigation.

Aspiration Lumen
Channel accepts most standard adapters and may be connected to continuous or intermittent suction source. Large diameter of lumen accomodates thick pus or blood in the aspirant.

Vacuum Control Lumen
Vent tube is fitted with a 0.2 micron hydrophobic anti-bacterial filter, which assures consistent delivery of sterile air to the aspiration lumen.

Radiopaque Stripe
Broad opaque band runs full length of drain; permits easy confirmation of tube position on x-ray

Exclusive Atraumatic Tip
Aspirating lumen is recessed slightly into the specially designed drain tip, to prevent vacuum damage to delicate surrounding tissues. Tip is rounded and beveled to eliminate all sharp edges.


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